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Change in the Weather

on November 20th, 2010 by mark

Rained some today, but certainly not the rain we were warned about–the rain we were told would destroy our hopes and dreams, pouring pestilence from a leaden sky. That’s the way the Weather Channel and Weather.com described it anyway. “SEVERE WEATHER ALERT!” Yeah. Purdy darn severe, there folks. Why, it was wet and everything.

I learned a long time ago that one shouldn’t complain about the weather. Turns out there is very little you can do about it-global warming alarmists notwithstanding. And they don’t either, you know? Did you read this? Turns out the IPCC is admitting that the alarmism was never about climate after all. It was about redistribution of wealth plain and simple. It’s a hoax, always has been. It follows hard along with the news last summer that the IPCC lied about “consensus” on global warming, too.

Anyway, I learned not to complain about the weather and mostly, I don’t. I do, however, complain about the knuckleheads that claim they can “predict” it. I actually have weather.com on my Blackberry as an app and I check it pretty frequently. Nine times out of 10, it’s wrong. It’s not 100 percent glaringly wrong, just off–by 10 degrees or by clouds and sun. Heck, if weather.com says it’s going to rain, I go get my car washed. They’re usually wrong. They weren’t this time–at least in the morning. In fact, I checked weather.com late this afternoon and it said it was raining at that moment. Trouble is, it wasn’t. And not only wasn’t it raining, but the rain clouds had all but disappeared.

I like the old method of weather forecasting better: Walk out on your front porch and look up at the sky, feel the air around you. That will give you a pretty good idea of the weather. Except if you work for weather.com. And we’re supposed to rely on these folks to know what’s happening 100 years from now?

Sigh. Again.

It was a nice Saturday. Peanut had a friend over this afternoon and she stayed through dinner. They had a good time together and there was little drama. There’s always some, of course. They are girls after all-and mine is an only child. She’s a veritable drama factory. But, it was a fine day with a quick set of interviews and an article to write and a family movie this evening.

I rarely post on Saturday nights, though I never say never. I’ll keep it brief tonight, gentles and beg your indulgence.


OK, I’m being cynical.

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